.EEG files contain type codes. Every sweep can be asscociated with a type code so that you can average your data according to an experimental condition. TYPES reads these codes and and writes them to a new file, one code per line.


Copy types.exe to a directory contained in your path environment variable, or simply to the directory where your data are. Suppose you want to know the type codes in a file called TEST.EEG. You can either be specific and type

types test.eeg

or, if you are lazy, like me, you can also type

types test

The result will be a new file with the name TEST.TST that will contain one line per sweep and each line will contain the type code of the corresponding sweep.  

You can download the source code (772 Byte) that should compile with any C++ compiler, or you can download the precompiled binary (84,484 Byte).